Frequently Asked Questions

A: Not just anyone can request tickets to a screening! When you are invited to watch a film, you will be provided a secret code, granting you access to submit your RSVP. Just type it into the ‘Request Tickets’ bar at the top of the screen and the form will appear. Remember - do not share your code with others! This may affect your eligibility to receive more invites in future.

A: Once you RSVP has been submitted, it is up to the distributor to go through these requests and allocate tickets. There is no set time on how long this will take, but if you need an answer quickly we recommend getting in touch with the distributor directly.

A: The film distributor wants to know what you think! If you have recently attended a film screening, sometimes the film’s distributor will ask everyone who came along to submit their comments on the film. This does not have to be long - just a few sentences will do and, of course, your personal star rating!!

A: We promise to always hold your details securely and ONLY ever share them with film distributors/FDA. This is why it is so important that the information you provide us is up to date and correct, so they know they are sending the right stuff to the right people!

A: Sometimes we need to post physical tickets for a film screening to you. It is important that we have your preferred postal address to ensure you receive these in plenty of time! We recommend that if you work in a big office building you either include your floor/desk number, or change your postal address to your home address. We don’t want your tickets getting misplaced!

A: Our job is to make sure that our clients send the right information to the right people. While we do not need your social media details, the more information we have on your application, the more likely you will be added to the right media list!

A: Piece of cake! Just click your profile page to edit your information and remember to click save! This will update all media lists you are currently on automatically.

A: Congratulations on your professional move! We would love to hear more about it - please email our research team to let us know about your new role

A: No problem! Please email our research team to let us know more, including when you expect to come back to work, and we will update our records accordingly

A: We are sorry to hear that. You can unsubscribe from RSVP-Online by clicking the ‘Manage my Subscriptions’ button in the menu tab, or you can email us directly

A: Who receives screening invites is up to the film’s distributor. If you would like to apply to receive invites, the best thing to do is reach out to the distributor directly. Alternatively, click ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ and get in touch to let us know which of our clients you would like to reach out to! If there is a specific screening you would like to attend, again the best thing to do is reach out to the distributor directly.

A: First things first, make sure it is typed out correctly and there are no accidental spaces at the beginning or end. If your code is still not working, please get in touch, letting us know the name of the film, date/time of the screening and the code you are using and we will investigate for you!

A: If there is a limit on the number of tickets you can request for a film, but you want to bring more guests, you can leave a note with your request asking the distributor to issue you additional tickets. This is not a guarantee, but you can always ask! Once you have submitted a request, you cannot change how many tickets you have asked for online. You will need to email us at

A: You can do this on your dashboard!

A: We strongly recommend that the person who wants the tickets is the one to register and request tickets. This is because this sets up a string of automated emails, which will include details on the screening and any other information the distributor wants you to know. If this is not possible, you can leave a note with your ticket request to say that the seats will be going to someone else. If there are physical tickets being posted for this screening, please also include an appropriate postal address for the person attending. Please note the name on the guest list will remain your own and you will receive all the automated emails regarding this screening, but the distributor will just be aware that someone else is attending in your stead.

A: For most screenings, you will not know the venue until you have been allocated tickets. This is to stop just anyone from turning up on the day! You will be notified of the venue details via email when your tickets are confirmed. Please don’t share this information with anyone else.

A: This depends! Many smaller screenings will just use a digital guest list and check you in as you arrive. For some screenings, such as big multimedia events, you may receive physical tickets in the post. This will be specified on the form when you request your tickets. This is why it is so important you keep your personal details up to date, we don’t want your tickets getting lost in the post! We recommend that if you work in a big office building you either include your floor/desk number in your address, or change your postal address to your home address.

A: Oh the wonders of technology! You will receive your e-ticket separately once your tickets have been confirmed. Your e-ticket will include a QR code, which will be scanned at the venue on your arrival. You can show it printed out or on your phone. If you cannot see a QR code, try right clicking the image box that appears and there will be the option to view/download this image. Still having issues? Get in touch at

A: A chance to stay in your PJs and watch a film at home, what could be better?! The process is almost identical to requesting tickets to any other screening. The only difference is that you will receive your screener link and password via a separate email after your request has been confirmed. Then you can sit back and enjoy the movie.